6 gift tips for girlfriends: Check it out Here!

If you want to impress and you want to buy the perfect gift for your girlfriend, why not present her with a gift that you know she will be even more in love with you? 

Jewelry are amazing to give as a gift for any moment in your relationship or even in life. Whether it’s her birthday, her wedding anniversary or her wedding or even Christmas, you really can’t miss the opportunity to make her feel special. Check out our 5 foolproof girlfriend gift tips and take the opportunity to impress your loved one!

1. Crystal Healing Stones

Healing stones possess an indescribable beauty, and are also thought to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. If your girlfriend already has some healing crystals, you can help her increase her gemstone collection by gifting her some crystals she probably doesn’t already have. You, knowing her well, can choose to give a stone that resonates according to the quantities she has!

For empowerment for women, it is believed that amber is considered a stone that enhances “girl power”. Black tourmalines have protective powers that expel energies in the frequency of negativity. On the other hand, to clear the mind and be able to think clearly and organize priorities in life, fluorite is the right crystal to gift your love.

If they are on a weight loss regimen, a blue apatite crystal can work wonders as it is believed to help with weight loss by suppressing hunger. If they are struggling with everyday stress, an amethyst would be a suitable choice as it is considered a natural stress reliever.

2.Birth stone jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is a personal and symbolic gift as it carries a special meaning that represents the wearer. For each month of the year there is a special crystal that holds virtues dedicated to those born in that particular period of the year, hence the name birthstone. In addition, wearing the birthstone is believed to provide luck, health and a protective environment.

If you have plans to gift your girlfriend or someone with jewelry on their birthday, why not give birthstone jewelry? Unless they were born in April, you won’t need any diamonds.

Whether it’s a pair of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet, these are amazing options to show someone special how much you care.

3. Quartz Bottle Necklace

If your girlfriend loves perfumes or essential oils, a crystal bottle necklace will allow her to carry her favorite scent or perfume wherever she goes.

It is very common for crystal bottle necklaces to be made of quartz, amethyst or rose quartz, but you can also find examples made of fluorite, labradorite or even lapis lazuli. It’s all a matter of choice, isn’t it? Just choose delicate, beautiful jewelry that makes the best sense to be an unforgettable gift!

4. Druzy Bracelet

If your girlfriend is someone who appreciates items and jewelry that contain gemstones and geodes, she will surely love a druzy bracelet. The most beautiful druzy bracelets have a shiny surface and a geode. Often quartz, calcite or garnet undergoes variation by being coated with dye, titanium or gold to create beautiful colors.

These stones when found in their raw and organic state have not undergone any chemical treatment or manipulation. This jewelry makes a bold fashion statement, making a perfect gift for women of good taste who love a laid-back, bohemian style.

5. Crystal stacking rings

If her fingers still aren’t glowing, it’s perfect for you to give her a set of stackable crystal rings. This will take your relationship to the next level! The stacking rings have a deeply minimalist design.


6. An amethyst geode

An amethyst geode is a work of art, especially if it is shaped like a heart representing all your love. Amethyst crystal provides clarity and at the same time expels emotions of negative frequencies such as anger, anxiety and fear.

Whether or not your girlfriend believes in crystal energies, she can still keep it as a beautiful symbol of love and still bring good energies into your home!


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