Bloodstone: Complete Guide


Are you interested in learning more about bloodstone crystals? Well, you have come to the right place. This is a thoroughly extensive guide about the bloodstone crystal. Read on to answer all your questions that you might have if you’re just finding out about this popular stone! 

  • Bloodstone Meaning
    • What is a Bloodstone
      • Is Bloodstone Green
      • Is Bloodstone Toxic
      • Is Bloodstone Rare
      • What is a Bloodstone Used for
      • What does a Bloodstone Look Like
      • Who Should Wear a Bloodstone
    • History of Bloodstone
    • Bloodstone Chakra
      • Bloodstone Root Chakra
      • Bloodstone Heart Chakra
    • Where is Bloodstone Found
      • African Bloodstone
        • What is an African Bloodstone
      • Indian Bloodstone
        • Indian Bloodstone Properties
      • Brazilian Bloodstone
      • Chinese Bloodstone
  • Bloodstone Properties
    • Bloodstone Healing Properties
    • Bloodstone Metaphysical Properties
  • Bloodstone Benefits
  • Carnelian and Bloodstone
  • Bloodstone and Opal
  • Bloodstone Types
    • Raw Bloodstone
    • Tumbled Bloodstone
    • Polished Bloodstone
    • Natural Bloodstone
  • Bloodstone Colors
    • Green Bloodstone
      • Green Bloodstone Meaning
      • Green Bloodstone Properties
    • Dark Green Bloodstone
    • Red Bloodstone
    • Blue Bloodstone
    • Black Bloodstone
  • Bloodstone Uses
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      • Bloodstone Aquamarine Ring
    • Bloodstone Necklace
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      • Men’s Bloodstone Bracelet
    • Bloodstone Earrings
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Bloodstone Meaning


What is a Bloodstone?

Bloodstone is a gemstone with a dark and light green appearance and small reddish and brownish dots all over the crystal.

The cause of these reddish and brownish specks on the crystal surface is the hidden iron impurities within the crystal. The red spots on the stone are very similar to blood spots and hence the name bloodstone.

Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope. This is because the color of the stone is similar to heliotrope plants. These are the plants that face the sun during the day for the process of photosynthesis.

Is Bloodstone Green

Yes, bloodstone is predominantly green. The most abundant form of bloodstone is dark green with brownish or reddish spots on the surface. The dark green color in the entire crystal is due to the presence of chlorite minerals in the bloodstone.

These chlorite minerals produce green pigments, leading to the green color of the crystal. Sometimes you may observe shades of yellow instead of green because of chemical imbalances or natural disturbances in the crystal pattern.

Is Bloodstone Toxic

It is advised to keep bloodstone away from small children, as it contains some elements and minerals that have toxic qualities. Do not lick or try to taste the crystal because there are minute amounts of minerals like silicon dioxide, quartz, iron oxide, and many others.

Silicon dioxide and iron oxide are dangerous to us if consumed in any form. So, in a sense, bloodstone can be toxic in specific cases.

Is Bloodstone Rare

Yes, bloodstone is a precious stone. It is considered rare, as there are only a few deposits of bloodstone left on earth. 

What is a Bloodstone Used for

Bloodstone is used for many purposes such as jewelry making, spiritual practices, and for its claimed protective powers. The stone has powerful metaphysical properties and supernatural healing powers.

These claims regarding the powers of the gemstone have been around for a long time, but there is no scientific proof of them. People believe in these powers and the stone is still used by many to experience these supernatural and spiritual strengths.

What does a Bloodstone Look Like

The bloodstone looks like a sharp-cut stone with a dark green or light green appearance. The surface has minute spots of red color that make up the beautiful reddish patterns on the greenish background of the stone. The color of the stone is attractive and is loved by many for its quirky appearance.

Who Should Wear a Bloodstone

Anyone who wants to experience the claimed physical and metaphysical properties of the stone can try the bloodstone crystal. It is advised to consult a spiritual guru before buying a bloodstone crystal.

These crystals sometimes are very specific to horoscopes and other spiritual practices and should be worn only after consulting a spiritual guru.

History of Bloodstone

The history of the bloodstone is very rich. It is known as the most beautiful of all jaspers to date. The interesting thing is that it is technically not a jasper at all. The stone is prominent from early Christianity and is even called the sunstone and the stone of Christ. Bloodstone symbolizes the life and death of Christ, and it is also known to suggest the sanctity of blood.

There are many myths regarding the formation of the stone. According to one tale, the stone was formed by the crystallization of the blood of Jesus Christ during the crucifixion. There is another myth that supports the jasper stone theory. It says that the blood of Jesus fell on a jasper stone and turned the stone into a bloodstone.

The stone was revered as a symbol of purity, sacrifice, truth, courage, and love.

Bloodstone Chakra

The bloodstone crystal is known for its amazing spiritual qualities and is claimed by many that it supports various chakras in our body. These chakras carry energy into our bodies and facilitate many life processes. 

Bloodstone Root Chakra

The bloodstone is known to strengthen and purify the root chakra in our body, making us feel free from any kind of negative influence. Clearing this chakra can also make you positive about situations and help you to fight through major challenges in life.

Bloodstone Heart Chakra

Bloodstone is a good crystal for heart health. The stone is known to bring out the optimum heart performance by clearing the heart chakra. There are many believed effects of the stone on the heart rate, blood pressure, and hypertension in the body. The stone may help you improve blood circulation and improve heart health.

Where is Bloodstone Found

Bloodstone is found in many parts of the world. There are several deposits and it is extracted from its ore through various industrial processes. The extraction of bloodstone is carried out after studying the ore carefully. Only ores with high-profit margins are extracted.

Some of the most popular depositions of bloodstone include:

  • India
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Madagascar
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Washington

African Bloodstone

African bloodstone, popularly known as setonite, is the name of African bloodstone. The crystal is abundantly found in Africa. 

What is an African Bloodstone?

African bloodstone is a mixture of jasper and chalcedony. It is also available in dark green color with spots of red and dark green colors in between. The African bloodstone is also known for its metaphysical properties and healing powers.

Indian Bloodstone

India is one of the largest producers of bloodstone in the world. The country is known for the significant mining and cutting of this stone. Jewelry and artifacts made from Indian bloodstone are very popular throughout the world.

Indian Bloodstone Properties

The Indian bloodstone is rich in texture and mostly has solid colors. The raw stone feels heavy and has a bright surface with smooth finishes. It is considered highly spiritual and is used extensively in spiritual practices.

Brazilian Bloodstone

Brazil is another significant producer of bloodstone. The Brazilian bloodstone is light-colored compared to the Indian bloodstone. 

Chinese Bloodstone

China has many deposition centers of bloodstone crystals. The Chinese bloodstone is famous in China for its various connections to Chinese history. The stone there is used by many for its claimed magical healing and spiritual properties.

Bloodstone Properties


Bloodstone Healing Properties

Bloodstone is popular for its amazing healing powers in the spiritual world. There are many claims regarding the healing properties of the stone experienced by many users. Some of the healing benefits of the stone are mentioned below:

  • It might help you clean and purify your body fluids such as blood and lymph.
  • Many claims suggest that the stone increases creative energy in the brain and brings out more creativity in an individual.
  • The stone might act as a shield and give protection from various diseases, viruses, and other bad influences on health.
  • The stone is known by many to draw certain energy from the surroundings and help people to get rid of high-stress and toxic situations in life.
  • It might help many body organs and tissues such as the spleen, bladder, kidneys, intestines, heart, lungs, and many others. The stone’s claimed powers help in better blood circulation and improve heart health.
  • Many claims suggest that the stone is very useful in curing infections, inflammations, and other disorders of the body.
  • Serious ailments like cancer, diabetes, and HIV-AIDS may be controlled to a large extent with the help of bloodstone crystals.

Bloodstone Metaphysical Properties

The bloodstone crystal is known for its amazing healing and metaphysical properties. There are many claims that the stone protects you from negative energies and helps you to find an optimistic mindset in life. The stone might help you gain a lot of material wealth, too. You may attract positive things in life such as good health, love, and long-lasting friendships, and other relations.

Many claims suggest that the stone has spiritual properties that can help people to boost their immune system and live a disease-free life. Accumulation of dead cells and the formation of tumors in the body are said to be cured with the help of bloodstone crystals.

The spiritual powers of the stone have higher claims relating to high energy levels and better communication skills. The stone may also help you boost your confidence and get better at persuasion.

Bloodstone Benefits

There are many known benefits of the bloodstone crystal. It is used to make interesting and attractive jewelry pieces. There are many known metaphysical benefits of the stone. The stone has several claimed healing properties that may help you improve your health.

Carnelian and Bloodstone


Carnelian is very similar to bloodstone and is often confused for bloodstone. Many people around the world often call it the carnelian bloodstone. Just like bloodstone, carnelian is also very rich in iron content.

There are many streaks of red color in carnelian stone, and it is redder than compared to a bloodstone. The carnelian stone is also known in the spiritual world for its claimed healing and metaphysical properties.

Bloodstone and Opal

Bloodstone slightly resembles opal crystal. The opal crystal is a lot different from bloodstone but has spots of red and blue color on the surface. These spots are due to the deposition of various oxides in the crystal.

Opal also has several claimed physical and spiritual properties that can help you live a better and sound life.

Bloodstone Types

Raw Bloodstone

Raw bloodstone is the purest form of the crystal. The extracted product from the ore of bloodstone is known as raw bloodstone. The gemstone does not go through any processing.

A lot of other minerals are found mixed with the ore of raw bloodstone. The industrial processing of raw bloodstone leads to the formation of jewelry such as rings, pendants, and alluring artifacts used in the decoration of various objects.

Tumbled Bloodstone

Bloodstone is found in various shapes and sizes. The tumbled bloodstone is a rough form of stone. Its physical appearance is irregular. The stone has blunt edges, non-symmetrical patterns and is used to make small-size pieces of bloodstone crystal.

It is also used to make small jewelry of bloodstone. Tumbled bloodstone crystal is usually cheaper compared to other varieties of bloodstone crystal because of its irregular shape and unsymmetrical patterns.

Polished Bloodstone

The industrial use of crystals has introduced the polished form of bloodstone. It is made after processing the stone to give it an elegant and classy look. Sometimes the stones are colored with various dyes to make them more alluring.

Polished bloodstone is used to make attractive jewelry pieces and components of jewelry. These polished bloodstone pieces are very costly and can be fused to decorate temples and other historical places.

Natural Bloodstone

natural bloodstone

The pure form of bloodstone is called a natural bloodstone crystal. Raw bloodstone is extracted from the parent ore and is free from other common ore minerals. Natural bloodstone is industry-ready and can be used as a raw material for further processing.

Many factories are set up to extract natural bloodstone from raw bloodstone. Natural bloodstone is free from any industrial processing and is unpolished.

Bloodstone Colors

The bloodstone crystal is available predominantly in darker shades of green. There are other colorful forms of bloodstone as well. 

Green Bloodstone

Green Bloodstone Meaning

The green-colored bloodstone is the most common form of the crystal. Many small spots of red color are present on the green-colored bloodstone. The bloodstone has a significant amount of iron in its ore and is regarded as one of the most abundant sources of iron in a rock.

The green bloodstone is used by many for its claimed effects for keeping you away from negative energy and maintaining energy levels in the body.

Green Bloodstone Properties

The green bloodstone is present in the form of a hexagonal geometrical crystal structure. Its structure gives the crystal a smooth and finished touch on the entire surface. The stone is opaque and does not allow any light to pass through it. It might help you clear the lower chakras in the body.

Dark Green Bloodstone

The dark green bloodstone is the most abundant form of green bloodstone. It has similar properties to green bloodstone. It is more elegant and natural-looking because of its solid dark color.

Red Bloodstone

Red bloodstone is a common type of bloodstone crystal. It is not completely red but contains a large amount of red dots of varied shapes and sizes on a green color crystal. The red bloodstone is claimed to heal blood-related disorders and may improve the heart’s health.

Blue Bloodstone

Blue bloodstone is a rarer form of bloodstone. It is dark blue in color and helps in maintaining positive energy. The crystal is available at all online crystal stores and local shops near you. 

Black Bloodstone

A black bloodstone is an African form of the crystal. The black bloodstone is a dark-colored stone and looks classy in appearance. Pieces of jewelry made from black bloodstone may help people to get rid of dark energies and improve positivity in life.

Bloodstone Uses

Bloodstone crystal is one of the most popular crystals in the gemstone world. The stone has many uses, including its role in the jewelry world. The bloodstone crystal is used to create amazing jewelry pieces. It is also used to create amazing artifacts like paperweights, attractively designed rocks, and cut-shaped crystals to decorate homes and buildings.

The stone is also popular for its claimed metaphysical and healing properties in the spiritual world. The crystal is also used to produce bloodstone beads, pendulums, and rock balls.  

Bloodstone Beads

Bloodstone Beads Meaning

Bloodstone beads are small spheres made from bloodstone crystals. The shape is further used in various jewelry and artifacts to give them an elegant finish.

These bloodstone beads are available in different colors including dark green, light green, blue, pink, golden, yellow, blue, transparent, and many others. Bloodstone beads can be polished to form beads of colors different from the natural bloodstone crystal.

These bloodstone beads are used to create different jewelry pieces such as rings, pendants, necklaces, and many others. Many claims suggest that bloodstone crystal beads are useful in overcoming many challenges in your life and can make you more confident and optimistic.

These bloodstone beads possess amazing healing properties that may improve the health of various organs and might boost your immune system.

Bloodstone Pendulum

Pendulums made from bloodstone are very useful, as they are very accurate and efficient. The pendulum from bloodstone is made in such a way that it has all its centers of mass synced with the center of gravity.

The bloodstone pendulum is available in different sizes with various circumference and radius lengths.

Bloodstone Jewelry

Different types of jewelry pieces are produced from bloodstone crystals. The bloodstone jewelry comes in different colors, with rich designs and elegant looks. You can get amazing bloodstone jewelry pieces from online stores and local jewelry shops.

Bloodstone Ring

bloodstone ring

The bloodstone crystal is used to make amazing jewelry pieces. The bloodstone ring is one of the most popular jewelry items made from bloodstone. It’s made from bloodstone that is available in different shapes, colors, designs, and sizes suitable for persons of all ages.

The rings look beautiful to wear and serve a dual purpose as it keeps negative energy away from the bearer.

Bloodstone Ring Meaning

The bloodstone ring is made from processed bloodstone crystals. These rings are carved out in various shapes and sizes. The rings made from bloodstone are very popular because of the claimed metaphysical and healing properties.

Men’s Bloodstone Ring

Men’s bloodstone rings are designed to suit male fingers and have solid colors that enhance masculine hands. These rings are made from selected bloodstone crystals that are claimed to show higher masculine energies. The rings might help males to experience high testosterone levels and increased stamina.

Women’s Bloodstone Ring

Women’s bloodstone rings are made specifically for females. They are available in various attractive colors and beautiful designs. The rings look beautiful on women’s fingers and give them a pretty look.

These rings are claimed to enhance feminine strength in females. Females may receive positive energies and sound health with the help of bloodstone rings.

Bloodstone Aquamarine Ring

The bloodstone aquamarine ring is made from the aquamarine form of bloodstone crystal. The ring resembles the blues of the oceans. It has solid blue colors with minute spots of red throughout the surface of the crystal.

The ring might help the wearer by bringing a sense of calm and depth into their personality. The aquamarine ring is claimed to enhance maturity and mental health.

Bloodstone Necklace

Necklaces made from bloodstone have an elegant look. These necklaces come in different designs of various shapes and sizes. You can buy heavy and light bloodstone necklaces as per your liking.

The bloodstone necklace may help you experience the claimed healing and metaphysical properties of the crystal.

Bloodstone Bracelet

Bracelets made from bloodstone crystals as a raw material are known as bloodstone bracelets. These bracelets feel natural and give a classic feel while wearing them.

Bloodstone Bracelet Meaning

Bloodstone bracelet contains pieces of bloodstone crystal as the major material. These bracelets are available in bright, beautiful colors. Bracelets made from bloodstone are suitable for people of all ages as they come in varied shapes, sizes, and designs. 

Bloodstone Bracelet Benefits

The bloodstone crystal bracelet serves many benefits. It is very handy and can be worn easily by men, women, and children. Also, it adds an elegant touch to your look.

The claimed metaphysical properties of the bloodstone crystal make this crystal extremely valuable for your mental and physical health. The magical healing powers may help you get rid of various bodily disorders. 

Men’s Bloodstone Bracelet

Bloodstone bracelets designed especially for men are made from selected bloodstone crystals that help men to align their masculine strengths. The men’s bloodstone bracelet is available in varied patterns and attractive designs.

The claimed metaphysical properties of the crystal help males to get strength, power, mental clarity, sound mental health, and higher stamina.

Bloodstone Earrings

bloodstone earrings

Bloodstone earrings are made by mixing bloodstone crystals with metals such as gold, silver, and several bright alloys. These earrings look beautiful and are available in a range of colors, shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns. The earrings remain close to the head and might help you have a clear mindset. The earring may help you in getting rid of mental instability and tension as well.

Bloodstone Stud Earrings

Bloodstone stud earrings are beautiful and small pieces of jewelry made from bloodstone. These rings are simple to look at and add a rich look to your outfit.

The bloodstone crystal is studded in the metal to form these beautiful earrings. You can buy these bloodstone stud earrings from local jewelry shops and online stores.

How to Use Bloodstone

Bloodstone may be used for its believed spiritual powers by keeping it close to your body or specific organs. The bloodstone crystal helps clear various chakras in our body that help enhance functioning and improve processes.

Jewelry pieces such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, nose rings, and other items help you remain in close to the crystal to experience the best effects.

How to Cleanse Bloodstone

It is necessary to clean your crystal frequently to experience optimum effects of the metaphysical and healing properties of the stone. The simplest way to clean bloodstone is to wash it using lukewarm water.

Natural sources of water like rainwater or river water works best as it cleanses and provides minerals to nourish the stone. Do not use any type of soap or detergent on the stone as it can cause damage to the stone surface.

How to Charge Bloodstone

It is important to charge your bloodstone frequently to maintain its energy levels. Natural light is the ultimate source that infuses energy into the crystal. The best way to recharge your bloodstone crystal is by keeping it under the moonlight.

The stone can also be recharged by keeping it on top of soil for three to four hours under direct sunlight.

Bloodstone for Sale

Bloodstone crystal is one of the most popular crystals in the market. It remains in great demand due to the various metaphysical and healing properties connected to the stone.

The bloodstone crystal is also used to create beautiful jewelry. A wide range of jewelry pieces like rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and many more are made from bloodstone crystals.

These products are available for sale in all the major gemstone shops near you and at all major online stores like Amazon and Etsy.

Raw Bloodstone for Sale

Raw bloodstones are the purest form of bloodstone crystal. It is extracted directly from the ores of the crystal and is used as a raw material in various industries and processing houses.

The raw bloodstone crystal remains in great demand throughout the year. These crystal pieces are available for sale at major wholesale crystal markets and at online stores like Etsy and Amazon.

Bloodstone Rings for Sale

Rings made from bloodstone look pretty and are of high value due to the claimed metaphysical and healing benefits. These rings are available in various tempting patterns and enchanting colors.

They are available for sale at all major jewelry shops and online stores that sell crystals and pieces of jewelry like Etsy and Amazon.

Bloodstone Price

The bloodstone crystal is a rare and exotic crystal and comes in different price ranges. There are a plethora of bloodstone products circulating in the market with different shades and shapes.

You can buy these products at different prices through online stores and local shops near you.

Bloodstone Price per Carat

The per-carat price of bloodstone crystal is generally between $20 USD to $300 USD. 

Buy Bloodstone

Buy Bloodstone Chunks

Bloodstone chunks are small pieces of bloodstone collected from the deposition site during the process of extraction. These are the pieces that are not used for industrial processes and are left to find.

The bloodstone chunks are used for many items including paperweights, rings, statues, and many other art forms. They are available at all popular crystal shops and online platforms.

Bloodstone Jewelry Near Me

You can buy jewelry made from bloodstone and other crystals near you at crystal shops and authentic jewelry shops. It is recommended to look for official signs and marks before buying crystal jewelry.

Try to look for signs and symbols that ensure the authenticity of the crystal. There are many shops and sellers who sell fake crystals at high costs.

Bloodstone Jewelry on Amazon

Pretty bloodstone crystal jewelry in bright quirky and beautiful colors is available on Amazon. The popular home delivery site now makes it possible for you to buy various attractive jewelry made from bloodstone crystals without stepping out anywhere.

All sorts of jewelry pieces and artifacts of bloodstone in unique designs and colors are available on Amazon. 

Bloodstone Ring on Amazon

Rings made of bloodstone look pretty and come in different shapes and sizes suitable for people of all ages. These rings are easy to carry and give an elegant look to your fingers.

The rings made from bloodstone also help you receive the claimed metaphysical properties. These rings are available online on shopping giants like Amazon.


Bloodstone is one of the most popular crystals. It is used to make ravishing jewelry and artifacts. Products made from bloodstone are attractive and are claimed to show beneficial metaphysical and healing properties. 

The gemstone is available in various shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. It is predominantly available in dark green color and also in other colors like red and yellow. Artificial polishing has enabled the production of bloodstone crystals in other alluring colors. 

The bloodstone crystal is used by many for its claimed metaphysical properties and magical healing powers. It may help you have an optimistic outlook on life and increase your overall confidence.

Bloodstone and its different products are available at all big gemstone shops and online stores like Amazon and Etsy.