Beryl is an important stone


Beryl is an important stone and is used to make attractive jewelry and other artifacts. Take a look at what we will be covering in the article.

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Beryl Meaning

Beryl is a popular mineral and is made up of aluminum and beryllium silicate. The silicates of beryllium on beryl are called cyclosilicates. Beryl is present in various forms and all these forms are highly popular. It has a geometrically hexagonal shape and is often referred to as a hexagonal crystal. These hexagonal crystals of beryl differ in shape and size as the various smaller and larger sizes of crystal are found in the mines of beryl. 

Beryl comes in different colors and the pure form of beryl is colorless. The colorless beryl or pure beryl is named goshenite. Colors are produced in beryl crystal or goshenite when impurities of other minerals get mixed during the formation of beryl. There are various colored forms of beryl such as golden beryl, red beryl, pink beryl, blue beryl, and many others. These colored beryl are some of the most popular gemstones around the globe. They are also named differently: green beryl is commonly known as beryl; golden beryl and sometimes yellow beryl are known as heliodor; and blue beryl is known as aquamarine.

Beryl has astrological significance as well. The star sign of Scorpio is beryl and it is also known as the talismanic stone for Sagittarius.

Beryl Pronunciation

The correct pronunciation of beryl is “beh-ruhl”.

What does Beryl Look Like

Beryl’s stone in its purest form is a colorless stone with a hexagonal shape. The stone has sharp edges that give it a hexagonal geometry. The beryl crystal possesses prismatic qualities and can alter refractive indexes of light. It can change the angle of light due to the variable refractive indexes. There are very few or no striations on the surface of the beryl stone. Beryl, as compared to other minerals, is relatively softer. The specific gravity of beryl is also low. There are various forms of beryl that fall into the category of gemstones. These gemstones are of different colors and have alluring shapes and signs.  

What is Beryl Used for?

Beryl is a precious stone and is used for various purposes. Several colored forms of beryl are used to make jewelry pieces like bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other alluring pieces. People love to wear these pieces of jewelry and they add a special something to your jewelry collection. The beryl stone and several of its gemstones are also used heavily by people of all ages for claims related to the metaphysical and healing properties these stones possess. The beryl stone is believed to help make you more optimistic.

Where is Beryl Found in the World?

Russia has one of the major deposits of beryl. Here, the beryl deposits are located in the granitic pegmatites or mica schists near the mountains of Ural. Apart from Russia, there are numerous beryl deposits all around the globe. Beryl is formed in the various limestone deposits in Columbia. Some of the other popular deposits of beryl are located in:

  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Norway
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Columbia
  • Madagascar
  • Mozambique
  • Zambia
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Utah

Beryl in Utah

Utah has one of the oldest and most predominant deposits of beryl. Here is where red beryl, which is one of the rarest forms of beryl, is found. Wildhorse Springs is a major site in Utah where the deposits of red beryl are present. Two other sites of red beryl in Utah are Starvation Canyon and Topaz Valley.

Beryl in China

China also has deposits of beryl. Every year, beryl is extracted from the deposits of China to produce finished products like jewelry and stones used in rings and other tools. 

Beryl Properties

beryl crystal

Beryl Metaphysical Properties

Beryl stone and its various forms are popular for their amazing metaphysical properties. It is believed by many that beryl can help them. Some of the known and believed metaphysical properties of beryl include:

Beryl may help you overcome your past trauma or bad experiences so that you can focus on your present. 

Some people also claim that beryl may help you become more confident to improve in your career and personal life. Beryl stone helps you by bringing out the best in you and can help you in discovering your hidden talents. Some people have experienced higher efficiency in learning new skills after coming in touch with beryl.

Also, some people mention that they have overcome distraction and also that the stone keeps them focused for longer durations. The stone is also believed to promote optimistic behavior by making your subconscious more positive. And it may help you develop a sound mindset that helps you to achieve things and unleash your potential.

Beryl Healing Properties

Beryl possesses many amazing healing properties and many people claim that the stone helps them in many ways to keep body and mind sound. The beryl stone may help you by improving many life processes and systems of the body. It is believed that it can boost your nervous system, circulatory system and can heal digestion-related issues.

Beryl may also help you by protecting against several harmful pollutants and other toxic materials and particles that float around in the atmosphere. It is believed that beryl crystal water may cure infections related to the throat and help in allergic problems such as asthma. It is considered a healing agent for respiration-related allergies and disorders.

Beryl stone is also believed to treat various other problems related to organs such as the heart, liver, and stomach. It may help with spinal pain and other spine disorders. There are several accounts that claim that the stone is helpful in treating concussions and making your cardiovascular system healthy. Many other testimonies and surveys show that the healing properties of beryl may work with the immune system and help in increasing the defense mechanism of the body against various infections and other diseases.

Beryl Stone Benefits

The beryl stone has many benefits. The various gemstone forms of beryl are used for an array of purposes. The red beryl is the rarest and an expensive form of beryl and is used to make beautiful rings and other items of jewelry and crafts. Some of the benefits of beryl stone include:

  • Beryl stone is used to make different types of crystal structures.
  • The stone is also used to decorate big palaces and temples.
  • Many forms of beryl, when mixed with other minerals, produce amazing colored gemstones that are used to make beautiful jewelry and other essentials.
  • Beryl is used by many for its amazing metaphysical and healing properties.
  • Many forms of beryl stone are used to produce various finished goods such as beryl guns, beryl beads, beryl pendants, and many other things.

Beryl vs Other Stones

Beryl vs Sapphire

Sapphire is closely related to beryl. The base material of sapphire is corundum and the pigmentation due to iron ions gives sapphire its blue color, whereas the impurities of beryl and different elements give them a range of colors. Beryl is available in various colors such as red, golden, yellow, pink, while sapphire is predominantly blue in color.

In fact, even sapphire has other forms such as yellow sapphire and green sapphire, but they are usually found in smaller deposits as compared to blue sapphire. You can understand the importance of sapphires as they are often used as diamond substitutes. Colorless sapphires are the perfect choice for using as a diamond substitute as they closely resemble diamonds. Both beryl stones and sapphires are used for decoration and look best in authentic sunlight.

Green Beryl vs the Emerald

green beryl

There is a major difference between green beryl and emerald. Generally, emeralds possess a blue or greenish-blue color. The color of green beryl is a lighter shade compared to emerald. But both green beryl and emerald are forms of beryl.

Emeralds are more vulnerable to damage or changes in size if they experience outer force or pressure. In the case of green beryl, it is stronger than emeralds and does not easily damage or distort.

The difference in colors of emerald and green beryl is due to the presence of different trace elements in the crystal. The green color of emeralds is due to the presence of chromium or sometimes vanadium. In some cases, both vanadium and chromium lead to the greenish pigmentation of emeralds. In beryl, the greenish appearance is due to iron ions in the crystal. Emeralds with iron ions develop a slight yellowish shade.

The occurrence of green beryl is more predominant compared to emeralds. Emerald is one of the rarest elements in the world. It is rarer than a diamond and is more costly. Green beryl is easily available compared to emeralds. The reason for emerald being a rarer stone is that it is very rare that emerald gets mixed chromium.

Both emerald and green beryl have hexagonal geometry. There is also a relative difference in the refractive index of green beryl and emerald. Green beryl has a relatively higher refractive index compared to green beryl. 

Beryl vs Tourmaline

Beryl is the base mineral that possesses many forms like red beryl, blue beryl, pink beryl, and many others, while tourmaline is an umbrella term used to refer to different minerals from the boron silicate group. Most minerals of tourmaline are similar in physical properties but have different and varied arrangements of molecules, leading to variations in the chemical nature of the minerals. Beryl occurs in various colors due to mixing with other elements, but tourmaline has the highest number of varied color forms. Beryl and tourmaline also differ in the arrangement of the crystal structure — beryl has a hexagonal six edge structure, whereas tourmaline has a striated structure and is hard to identify.

Red Beryl vs Ruby

Red beryl and ruby are very different from each other except for the appearance due to the common red color. People with less knowledge about gemstones might be easily confused between the two. One of the major variations between red beryl and ruby is that both possess a different base composition. Rubies contain some amount of corundum and red beryl’s base element is beryl. 

Rubies’ physical properties are somewhat similar to red beryl, but ruby is harder and more resistant compared to red beryl. Rubies are rare, but red beryl is one of the rarest gemstones on the planet. Red beryl can reach rocket high prices because of its rarity and demand in the market. The other common name of red beryl is bixbite, and it is named after Maynard Bixby.

There are many differences between red beryl and ruby — the conditions required for the formation of red beryl are starkly different from the conditions required for the formation of ruby. The crystal structure of red beryl and ruby do not share anything in common and even the molecular formula of the two do not resemble each other. These both are elements of different base materials and differ a lot from each other.

Varieties of Beryl

Beryl undergoes a lot of mixing and reactions during the phase of formation under the ground. This mixing with other minerals and elements leads to the formation of different varieties of beryl. The most common varieties of beryl are:

  • Aquamarine
  • Bixbite
  • Emerald
  • Goshenite
  • Heliodor
  • Morganite

These varieties are divided from each other based on different colors and industrial uses. The most popular varieties of beryl are aquamarine and emerald as they are used for making pretty jewelry.

Raw Beryl

Raw beryl is the purest form of beryl. It is the direct form that is extracted from the ore after the process of mining. There are high chances that raw beryl stone can have trace amounts of other minerals and elements. Raw beryl is cheaper than the finished products made after the processing of raw beryl.

Green Beryl Raw

Various forms of beryl turn into gemstones inside the earth by mixing with other elements. Green beryl is extracted in its raw form and is further processed to make exciting and alluring artifacts and jewelry.

Beryl Color

Red Beryl

Red beryl is a form of beryl and is also called bixbite. Bixbite or red beryl is known for its stark red color. The red beryl is popularly known in the market world of stones as red emerald or scarlet emerald. It closely resembles another mineral called bixbyite, so the name bixbite is used to refer to red beryl. The name of red beryl and bixbyite comes from a famous mineralogist named Mynard Bixby.

Red Beryl is a popular stone, yet people get confused between red beryl and another analog of beryl rich in cesium known as pezzottaite. The pezzottaite mineral is extracted from Afghanistan and Madagascar. These two minerals are very close to each other in most of the properties and arrangement of molecules and geometry. The major differences are in properties, such as refractive index and crystal arrangement system. The arrangement of pezzottaite is trigonal, while red beryl has a hexagonal crystal system.

Most of the different forms of beryls are usually found in metamorphic rocks and pegmatites. Red beryl is an exception as its origin is closely related to the rhyolites. The rhyolites go through extremely high temperatures and relatively low air pressure that creates various small dents and cavities in the stone. The entire period is known as the pneumatolytic phase, and it creates miarolitic cavities in rhyolite. This leads to the formation of red beryl in rhyolites. Some of the closely related minerals to red beryl are quartz, orthoclase, bixbyite, topaz, and hematite.

Where is Red Beryl Found?

Red beryl is one of the rarest forms of beryl and is found in small amounts in specific places around the globe. Some of the popular places where deposits or red beryl exist are Utah, Wah Wah Mountains, Beaver County, Round Mountain, Paramount Canyon, and New Mexico. The popular Wah Wah mountains contain the largest deposits of red beryl on the planet. The discovery of beryl on Wah Wah mountains was an accidental one. In search of uranium, Lamar Hodges discovered the red beryl crystal in 1958. 

Red Beryl Jewelry

Red beryl has a sharp red color. The stone looks alluring and is used to make amazing pieces of jewelry. Red beryl is used and processed in different forms to create various forms of attractive jewelry like pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and much more. The red color is one of the most attractive colors and due to its bright nature, it is embraced by many.

Green Beryl

Greeny beryl is a mixed form of beryl that comes in shades of green and the color is produced by mixing 2 to 3 percent of chromium or vanadium. Chromium is the mixing agent to produce the green effect, but if chromium is not available, vanadium is used sometimes. The green beryl is generally soft, compared to other beryl as it has poor brittleness.

A different form of beryl exists in Colombia and is called trapiche. The trapiche emerald is different from green beryl as it possesses a pattern that looks like a star. The formation of this star-like pattern has six different ends and is due to the presence of carbon impurities in the stone. The stone got its name from a similar large size wheel used to grind sugarcane in the local areas known as “trapiche”.

Green Beryl Jewelry

Green beryl is used to make beautiful and elegant jewelry. The jewelry pieces made of green beryl add sharpness to rings and pendants. Many people wear green beryl jewelry for the metaphysical and healing properties of green beryl. Several types of jewelry pieces such as rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and other decorative items are made from green beryl.

Golden Beryl

Golden Beryl Meaning

Golden beryl is a shiny and elegant form of beryl. The shades of golden beryl are range between light yellow to stark golden color. There is also another form of this stone called heliodor. The shades of heliodor are mainly of greenish-yellow color. The major difference between heliodor and golden beryl is that golden beryl has shades of yellow, while heliodor has greenish-yellow shades. Both stones are highly popular in the world of gems.

Golden Beryl Jewelry

Golden beryl due to its shiny gold-like appearance and bright color is used to make jewelry. Many people love to wear golden beryl rings on their fingers as they give a gold-like appearance and are considered lucky for many.

Yellow Beryl

Yellow beryl is a form of beryl with a yellowish appearance.

Yellow Beryl Meaning

Yellow beryl closely resembles golden beryl in color and structure. Yellow beryl is a form of golden beryl that is slightly more yellow as compared to golden beryl. The golden beryl is more popular and has a higher preference as compared to the yellow beryl.

Blue Beryl

blue beryl

Blue beryl is another form of beryl popularly known as maxixe. The appearance of maxixe or blue beryl is of a darker shade of blue. The drawback of blue beryl is that its bluish shade fades away with time and the stone becomes pale. This is the only reason why blue beryl is not a popular gemstone.

Clear Beryl

Clear beryl is also known as colorless beryl. The clear beryl got its name due to its lack of color and simple appearance. It is popularly known as goshenite. The name of clear or colorless beryl comes from its origin in the Goshen region of Massachusetts. Clear beryl is used in industrial works to produce eyeglasses and various types of lenses because of its transparent nature. 

At present, it is mainly used as a gemstone in jewelry due to the various healing and metaphysical properties of beryl. The jewelry industry and relatively higher occurrence of goshenite have created a market for artificial goshenite. It undergoes several processes of chemical reactions to produce other colored versions of goshenite; they are used in various forms of jewelry.

White Beryl

A raw form of beryl has a clear white appearance. It resembles clear beryl in some properties and appearance to a large extent.

Purple Beryl

Purple beryl has a slightly darker blue shade or sometimes stark purple color. It is close to blue beryl in most respects and is a form of maxixe.

Pink Beryl

Pink beryl is the most beautiful form of beryl. The stone resembles the color pink of the rose flower and is also known as rose beryl. The pink beryl is often called a pink emerald. 

Pink Beryl with Manganese

The formation of pink beryl is due to the presence of manganese ions. The manganese ions are solely responsible for creating a pink color in the morganite stone (pink beryl). The morganite stone if mixed with other ions due to the process of formation can yield different colored morganite stones, such as orange and yellow.

Black Beryl

Black beryl is a form of beryl made during the formation of beryl. The color of black beryl is dark and gives a black appearance from a distance. The stone is used to make beautiful artifacts and jewelry.

Orange Beryl

This is another form of beryl that has an orangish appearance. The stone is used to make precious items and jewelry.

Beryl Uses

Beryl Gun

Beryl gun is an important artifact made from beryl. It is sometimes made as a replica of original guns to be used on office desks and other spaces in large buildings.

Beryl Crystal Ball

beryl crystal ball

Beryl crystal balls are mostly made from colorless beryl crystal and has been used for centuries. During the middle ages, the beryl crystal ball was used by many astrologists and fortune seekers. A crystal ball made of beryl was used for its transparent nature and the claims related to its metaphysical and supernatural properties.

In contemporary times, many people use a beryl crystal ball to increase their focus by practicing meditation. Many claims suggest beryl may help tremendously to keep you more focused and attentive to experience deep meditation and other spiritual experiences.

Beryl Beads

Beryl and its other gemstones can be carved to make alluring jewelry of beryl in the form of beads. The beryl beads can be made of different colors including red, pink, golden, yellow, blue, transparent, and many others. Many beryl beads can be transformed in color other than the color of gemstones by giving them a color polish. The beryl beads can be used in different types of jewelry pieces such as rings, pendants, necklaces, and many others. Many claims suggest that beryl beads may help you to overcome challenges in your life and can make you more confident and optimistic. The beryl beads are also believed to have amazing healing properties that may improve the health of various organs and can power your immune system.

Beryl Jewelry

Beryl is used to make beautiful jewelry pieces that are loved by many for the amazing bright colors and their healing properties. Several types of craftsmen use beryl and its gemstones to create other amazing pieces with beryl as a centerpiece. It is suggested to ask a trusted jeweler or craftsman to make your jewelry or art piece after buying authentic and high-quality beryl gemstones from listed and government-approved shops or sites. This method also gives you the freedom to get your beryl jewelry customized according to your needs.

Since jewelry made of beryl gemstones is a bit costly and many fake pieces circulate the market, it is very important to check the authenticity of the stone before making a purchase. You can look out for various government-approved signs and make sure to take a copy of the bill with you.

Beryl Ring

Beryl rings give a pretty appearance and add elegance to your hand. It can shine on your overall personality and can make your aura positive. The ring can allow your skin to remain in contact with beryl or its gemstones so that you can witness the metaphysical and healing properties of the stone.

Green Beryl Ring

Green beryl rings look pretty and are one of the most popular beryl jewelry. Green beryl rings make your hand look elegant and can help you become more confident and optimistic about life. 

Red Beryl Engagement Ring

Red beryl is considered auspicious by many, and it is a perfect gemstone that can help you begin your relationships on a positive note. Rings made of red beryl are the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Red beryl is one of the rarest gemstones and you can show your love to your partner by gifting them a beautiful red beryl engagement ring.

Pink Beryl Ring

A pink beryl ring looks super cute and gives you a complete look. Pink beryl rings come in different shapes and sizes with various amazing designs and cuts. The pink beryl gemstone can be cut in different sizes and patterns to craft your ring the way you like it.

Beryl for Sale

Beryl is used for producing beautiful and colorful jewelry. The beryl crystal is also used for its many metaphysical and healing properties. Beryl is popular in the crystal and jewelry market and you can find stone markets around the world selling beryl and other gemstones forms of it. 

Beryl and several other gemstone forms of beryl make extraordinary jewelry and the market of beryl jewelry is flourishing at a great speed. The stone and several other gemstones are in great demand because of the various claims regarding the metaphysical and healing properties of the gemstone. These beryl products can be found in large wholesale crystal markets or through online stores.

Beryl Price

Beryl prices depend upon the quality and size of the crystal. The price range can differ for different crystals and gemstones of beryl. The average price range of beryl is between $10 USD and can reach $1000 USD and more depending on the size and stone.

Beryl Price per Carat

The per-carat price of beryl is generally between $20 USD to $200 USD. The price can vary with the change in crystal and different gemstones.

Red Beryl for Sale

Red Beryl Price

Red beryl is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. It is more than 20 times rarer than diamond and is one of the costliest gemstones in the world. 

Red Beryl Price per Carat

The price of red beryl per carat can go for up to $10,000 USD or more per carat. It is one of the costliest gemstones on the market today.


Beryl stone is a popular stone and is used to make various finished products and is also used for spiritual purposes. When mixed with other elements’ ions the base mineral beryl can produce amazing gemstones of beautiful colors. Some of the popular forms of beryl are red beryl, pink beryl, golden beryl, blue beryl, and transparent beryl. The stone is also used by many for its claimed healing and metaphysical properties. The stone is believed to help you improve your life and career. You can find beryl at your nearby gemstone market or on online sites such as Etsy.