Brazilian crystals: what are they, and what is their power over our lives?

Beautiful, rare, exclusive… These mineral crystals have immense power and are indeed special, they can help bring balance and effectiveness to the healing journey of our energy.

In everyday life, we are all surrounded by crystals. Since grains of salt, sugar, and snowflakes have in common the three-dimensional and crystalline structure, equally available in most minerals found in nature. 

But when we talk about minerals, depending on their possible uses and the values assigned to them, we arrive at the natural elements that we will refer to here in this text from the E2D Crystals and Minerals blog.


What are these types of stones?

Whether common, precious, or semi-precious stones, crystals enchant us with their shapes, colors, and rare beauty. But they are much more than that, and even more, with what they can do for us, is sensational: just like everything in the universe, crystals also have a vibrational frequency and because they are minerals, they belong to the second plane of existence, below. Of us human beings.

Crystals are the essence of life manifesting in the inner layers of planet Earth. They are the germination of the mineral portion of the planet and are among the physical structures free of resistance patterns, as they have a balanced, strong, and integral energetic frequency.

How were they used?

Crystals were used and worshiped since ancient civilizations. Gemstones were used in the foundation of New Jerusalem and found in the ruins of Babylon and the tombs of Egyptian and Chinese rulers. They are also mentioned in the Bible numerous times.

The use of crystals in modern technology

Some experts point out that virtually all modern technology is based on the living structure of crystals. The first radio transmission took place through quartz: it has stable molecules with measurable frequencies.

Marcel Vogel, the inventor of liquid crystals and Nobel Prize winner, discovered that crystals can be programmed like silicon chips in computers and that the latter can store memories from the energy of consciousness. He got to this point of discovery after concluding that crystals can be programmed from thought energy and because of the composition of quartz: silicon and oxygen – as well as the constitution of the Earth’s crust. It’s as if we’re immersed in a giant crystal ball.

The energy inside the crystals

The energies within Brazilian crystals are universal and therefore when we come in contact with the mineral and are aware and open to what it has to offer. Through our higher self, we can synthesize the energies of which the universe is composed. Because they are so powerful, when used with the proper intention, these minerals can help us get to a place of love and light, and even help us balance the entire flow of our body and chakras, as well as raise our vibration.

Of course, healing must come from within. Just because we come in contact with crystals doesn’t mean we will be radiant or cured of any disease or limiting belief. But it turns out that they can serve as powerful tools to achieve our goals.

How to care for and energize crystals

Crystals also need special care and deserve to be re-energized to offer their best version. Here are some tips from E2D Crystals and Minerals:

— Crystals can be energized with the presence of other, larger crystals;

— The sun’s rays also recharge the energy of the crystals;

— Cleaning them with water and salt helps in their re-energization. Choose sea salt or Himalayan pink salt. If you live near the sea, wash them in saltwater;

— Smoke them with sage;

— Leaving them immersed in rice, in addition to energizing them again, will rebalance their feminine and masculine energies.

As soon as we acquire or gain a new crystal, we must dedicate a few moments to it, holding it and projecting the intention with which this stone will be used: only for the greater good, for love and divine light.

An interesting tip

Fill a glass with water, place the crystal inside, and wait a day. During these hours, the cup can be exposed to the sun. Meditate with the glass at your side, depositing in its intentions of love, light, and health. Then drink this water. It’s a way to stay hydrated with healthy, lively, and energized water.

Brazilian crystals can be used to change the frequency of environments and are great when combined with meditation: the tip is to hold one in each hand.

How to use different types of crystals

There are several types of them, and each is best used in a different situation. Those that grow on a large base called a matrix, and have so-called “clusters” are excellent to be used in environments such as our home or work. Round crystals are powerful, as they emit the same type of frequency in all directions, making them exceptional for testing clairvoyance. Oval crystals are good for meditation, and pendulous ones are good for listening to intuition.

Regarding the type, it will always depend on a search based on your intention. Citrine brings abundance and prosperity and is linked to fire signs such as Leo. Rose quartz brings the energy of unconditional love, and onyx blocks any denser energy, warding off bad vibes.

For those who want to guarantee an incredible piece in the decoration of their home and still want to know more about each of these stones, visit here.

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