Brandberg Amethyst


Most people must have heard about the regular amethyst gemstone. But today our post will be focusing on one of its beautiful varieties: the brandberg amethyst crystal. It is a type of quartz crystal that is available in both smoky as well as clear varieties. This beauty comes from Namibia in Africa and is popular all over the world for the powers and healing properties it is believed to possess.

In this article, we shall take a look at everything that you would want to know about this enigmatic gemstone. So let us begin right away!

  • Introduction
  • Brandberg Amethyst Meaning
    • Brandberg Amethyst Benefits
    • Brandberg Amethyst Location
      • Brandberg Amethyst in Australia
  • Brandberg Amethyst Properties
    • Brandberg Amethyst Metaphysical Properties
    • Brandberg Amethyst Healing Properties
  • Brandberg Amethyst vs Amethyst
  • Brandberg Amethyst Jewelry
    • Brandberg Amethyst Pendant
    • Brandberg Amethyst Necklace
    • Brandberg Amethyst Ring
  • Brandberg Amethyst for Sale
    • Brandberg Amethyst Price
    • Brandberg Amethyst Wholesale
  • Conclusion

Brandberg Amethyst Meaning

The brandberg amethyst is the love child of regular amethyst and quartz. This magical combination possesses within itself the qualities of both these stones.

The brandberg amethyst is known to have high vibrational frequencies due to the inclusion of the anhydrous and phantoms present in its structure.

This piece of purple gorgeousness gets its name from the granite brandberg. It also means “the fire mountain” in Dutch and German languages. 

Brandberg Amethyst Benefits

The brandberg amethyst enhydro has a variety of benefits related to health, wealth, healing, and even relationships and love.

Crystal healers believe that this stone possesses the potency to attract positive things such as good health, loving relationships, and healing from any sort of trauma.

It is also believed to connect to one’s soul spiritually and emotionally and to help to heal any hurt or physical injury from within by reaching to the source of pain.

Brandberg Amethyst Location

The brandberg amethyst gets its name from its place of origin. These crystals are only found in the Brandberg area surrounding the Goboboseb Mountains in Namibia, Africa.

This is known to be the world’s oldest desert area with barely any water supply. The miners digging in this area have to bring their food, water, and supplies to sustain themselves for weeks through the digging process.

Originally, the brandberg amethyst was found on the surface of the earth. However, with many years of mining on the earth’s surface, miners now have to dig deeper into the soil to search for more reserves of this beautiful gem.

Brandberg Amethyst in Australia

There are a few mines in Australia that also have brandberg amethyst reserves. However, they are not close to the massive amount of reserves in the Brandberg areas of Namibia.

To date, Namibia, Africa remains the main source of brandberg amethyst in the world.

Brandberg Amethyst Properties

brandberg amethyst

According to crystal healers, the brandberg amethyst is a reservoir of mystical properties that can be helpful in both healings as well as metaphysical practices. It is no wonder, then, that the stone is often used for crystal healing sessions.  

Brandberg Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

Crystal healers and therapists who work with the brandberg amethyst stone believe that it has many metaphysical properties. They believe in the powers of this stone to cure and heal the physical, mental, emotional, as well as spiritual problems of people. Let us see some of the metaphysical properties that this crystal is believed to have:

It is believed to be a healing stone. Healers believe that it helps people recover from deficiencies and illnesses and also helps repair any sort of emotional trauma that may be deeply set in a person’s mind.

This gemstone is said to have powers to heal a broken heart. Therapists claim that if a person suffers from heartbreak and is having trouble trusting again or forming meaningful relationships, this stone will help the person develop that bond or connection again. It is known to help people find their soulmates, too.

It is considered to be a great catalyst for meditation. This stone helps you channel your energies and connects your soul to its place of origin. It is believed to help form a strong connection with the higher power and attain mental peace and solitude as one begins to discover what lies deep within their hearts.

Furthermore, the brandberg amethyst is also believed to banish financial troubles. Using this stone or working with it may help you attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance. It helps a person make the right financial decisions and clears one’s mind from unreasonable temptation.

Many say that this crystal can also cast its protective powers on the wearer. Wearing this stone or keeping it in close contact may help to safeguard you from the evil eye, ill-wishers, and even any sort of psychic attacks or bad spells.

Brandberg Amethyst Healing Properties

This amazing healing stone uses high vibrational frequencies and is believed to heal our minds by taking it back to its emotional center. It is known to balance our chakras as well as emotions, so our mind is cleared and we start thinking practically instead of being overwhelmed by emotions.

The brandberg amethyst is believed to heal any trauma that comes from heartbreak. It is known to reach the deepest part of your heart to locate the pain source and fix it by healing your mind.

Healers believe that it teaches one to trust and love again by forming meaningful relationships and imbibing forgiveness. In case of physical ailments and illnesses, the brandberg amethyst crystal is believed to be beneficial as well.

It is known to rid the person of any type of deficiency or low immunity and to build overall strength. So we can say that healing properties encompass the body too, along with the mind and soul. 

Brandberg Amethyst vs Amethyst

Although the brandberg amethyst is a variety of regular amethyst, there is still a difference. It is a combination of amethyst and quartz, whereas regular amethyst does not have any qualities of quartz.

Also, due to its high vibrational frequencies, the brandberg amethyst is often believed to showcase stronger powers that can help manifest healing or health or even something as tangible as wealth.

The energies of this stone are more raw and concentrated than the regular amethyst, and this fact is vouched for by several crystal healers and therapists around the world.

Brandberg Amethyst Jewelry

brandberg amethyst pendant

Apart from being used as a healing stone in crystal therapy sessions, the brandberg amethyst also makes beautiful jewelry.

And we’re not surprised, since the stone looks stunning with its heavenly purple color and a slight shimmer that looks almost like glitter. So let us see what jewelry items are available using the brandberg amethyst.

Brandberg Amethyst Pendant

There is a large variety of pendant designs using the brandberg amethyst. Some look simple like a water drop or a wand, while others are worn in their raw, rock-like form.

The brandberg amethyst pendants usually go well with a silver-colored chain, as silver or white compliments the purple shade of the stone.

Brandberg Amethyst Necklace

It is rare to find a fully studded amethyst necklace, but you can have it customized from any crystal shop or even local jewelers who deal with these stones.

Most necklace varieties, however, have either the pendant or the stone along with other crystals or metals.

Brandberg Amethyst Ring

Amethyst rings look gorgeous. They are also used as wedding or engagement rings by couples who want to make the most of their believed metaphysical properties and have a positive effect on their relationship.

The stones look best with a silver ring, although some people also use gold for its traditional health-preserving properties.

Brandberg Amethyst for Sale

The brandberg amethyst stone can be found at any crystal shop. Some jewelers who deal with these semi-precious stones will also have a good stock of the brandberg amethyst.

However, you need to verify if the stone they are selling is brandberg or simply regular amethyst. You can also find these crystals in online stores like Etsy or Amazon.  

Brandberg Amethyst Price

Brandberg amethyst stones are not exorbitantly priced and are available from $15 USD onwards. The exact price depends on how reliable the seller is, and also the parent granite stone from which the amethyst was extracted. Usually, the bigger the stone, the higher the price.

Also, since the surface reserves have depleted and miners have to dig in deeper, the price might increase as this crystal enters the league of semi-precious stones.

Brandberg Amethyst Wholesale

You can find these stones at a wholesale rate from any wholesaler who supplies them to crystal shops. Often crystal shops keep stocks for wholesale, but the price points might vary from one seller to another.


Crystal healers and metaphysical therapists have put a lot of faith in the brandberg amethyst crystal for many years now. As such, this gemstone is widely used in the field of crystal healing and reiki.

Those who believe in these metaphysical properties certainly claim to be benefitted by it; as for others, they can simply wear it as a pretty looking stone and flaunt its beauty.

But either way, no one can deny that the brandberg amethyst stone is a treat to look at and can be an interesting value-add to your collection of exquisite jewelry items.

You can find authentic brandberg crystals at your local jewelry store or a reliable crystal dealer. But make sure to buy only from trustworthy sellers for the best, genuine pieces.